The Freeing, Empowering, Simplicity of Jesus by Gary Ellis

John Belt, a highly anointed psalmist has written empowering truth that I want to pass on in today’s blog post:

“It seems so often in the different circles that people are continually looking for the latest big revelation, prophetic word or some new twist on revelation.  From my standpoint this is such a prevailing attitude that people have lost touch with the freshness of the power and simplicity of the gospel.  The simplicity of the gospel should always ignite us and stir us for more of Him.   Jesus is our inheritance and there is nothing more that you can add to that.  If it is not all about Him then what is it all about?   Where are people putting their focus these days?”

It’s my personal discovery on this expedition of authentic faith and relationship with Jesus, my neigbor, and my brother (one face at a time) that the more intimate my connection with Jesus becomes, the more rest, joy, and peace that I experience.  I still have to choose it.  But, once I’ve chosen…then…I experience.

So many of the “choices” seem – on the surface of our performance and accomplishment oriented world to be a “waste of time.”  But, let me remind (us) of Jesus words, “Come unto me…and find rest.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Can I say….well, of course I “can”…I have the ability (as my English teacher used to say)…okay…May I say, “GIVE UP ON YOURSELF MAN!  Give up!  Enough with the belief that the successful outcome of your life depends on your wit, wisdom, and work.   It’s “…in Him (Jesus) that we live, (have vital life), move, (receive motivation for acting), and have our being, (or significance in life).  It’s about the mysterious union of Him and you where He is the life, motivation, and significance.

That’s why each day I say, “So, Jesus what are you going to be doing today as me.”

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