The Great Conundrum

It’s perfectly accurate to say, “Apart of Christ, we are unworthy.”  It’s also true to say, “Without Him we are nothing.”

But here’s the thing…

  • Because of the New Birth, you are NOT apart from Christ, therefore you ARE worthy.
  • Because of the New Birth, you are no longer without Him.  Therefore, you clearly HAVE great worth.  You truly are something!
  • It’s very important we get our value statements lined up with the reality of the Cross.

If we keep making statements that sound spiritual but actually aren’t, we can expect very little new life manifestation in our Christian experience.  Be humble…

Based on New Life Truth!






  • Steve_Baker1954

    Amen, Gary.  This is a foundational truth that so many Christians miss.  They continue saying they are unworthy after recieving reconciliation for their sins and are made worthy.  Our own righteousness is as filthy rags but we now have and are the righteousness of God in Christ; forgiven, redeemed, sanctified and seperated unto Jesus for His glory and good pleasure.