The Great Seeker

Jeremiah 29:13 says, “If you seek me with all your heart you will be found of me.”  That was always one of those verses that sounded good.  After all, God said it.  However, it always gave me enough motivation to start the path of earnest prayer and study; but then to end up defeated…yet again.  It is amazing how many things bad religion and the devil have used to drain the living truth of God’s Word and leave behind an empty shell of defeat.  I mean…after all.  It’s not God’s fault.  He told me what to do.  I failed to perform.  What can I expect?

Then one day…The Holy Spirit opened the eyes of my heart to see a Jesus Truth.

He sought me with all His heart and I was found of Him.

My heart was like that Christmas stable.  Cold, dirty, smelly.

He sought me with an intensity of desire not known, naturally, by man.  He found the stable of my heart.  And the rest is HiStory of Grace.  He did the first seeking.  He did the first gift giving.

I said, “You found me, Jesus.”

I know this opens up a can of wo….theological debate.  Not my point, here. 

My simple objective is to testify to the fact that God is not playing a game of “hide and seek” with an impossible remedy.  I am not left to my own efforts to seek Him out…feeble at best if I’m left to my own abilities.

The truth: “The Seeker” lives in me, as a free…I mean ABSOLUTELY FREE gift,  to me, from God. Btw…His gifts don’t have strings attached.

Perhaps you’re asking, “But, what do I do?”

Respectfully I say, “That’s the wrong question.”  The correct inquiry is, “What has He done and what is He doing?”

I found that when I take the approach that He is “The Great Seeker” that has already found me, I discover a “moving and stirring” in my heart that is running after God and His Kingdom in a way that my natural commitments could never achieve.

Just sayin’

Has this given you something hopeful to think about?  How does this change your perspective?  Or, am I self deluded?  I’m interested in your comments.


  • DelusionDispeller

    Gary, as I was reading your post for today, what I was picturing was a romantic wedding dance between the Lord and each of us.  As he moves with us, we also follow in his steps, waltzing.  Yes, we chose to respond to His compelling but at the same time He definitely wooed us with His still, small voice.  Sometimes it was His Word, sometimes His words, often through His people that already knew Him, and then by His constant gentle reminders of “I’m here. All those things will never satisfy the emptiness. Choose Me. Try Me. I’m here. I love you!”  Thanks 🙂

    • Gary

       Great illustration!

  • lawrencefors

    I think we are sometimes convinced, without even knowing it, that there’s nothing about us that God would be interested in, or even see as worthy of his love. Well, I have found that when I make even a slight, hesitant move in his direction, God is always standing there with open arms, seeking for me. God isn’t worried about me earning his affection. He’s not hung up on how worthy I am of his love. That’s what Agape is all about. Thank you Jesus for that!

    • Gary

       I also realize that repentance itself is a gift.  Even our slight moves are not motivated by our “natural” inclinations but by His stirring and I simply respond to that.