The Human Project

Humam ProjectThe Human Project is at the very heart of God’s intentions for the earth.  That means that YOU are not just stuck here in the “nasty now and now” until your body dies and, through Christ, Heaven becomes your eternal dwelling place.  God had a much different plan for YOU.

Boiled Down Into One Sentence

Jesus declared that our highest priority in life was to increasingly discover God’s Kingdom and how it functions in the earth.  That being the case, how would you boil down and summarize everything that Jesus taught into one sentence?

Many would quickly say, “Love your neighbor.”  Others would express it in the words of what we call, “The golden rule.”  Or, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  “Don’t worry but trust God,” would be what some would say is the central theme of Jesus teaching.

Still, those who are very passionate about social justice would say, “Love your enemies.”  If a person’s motivating mission is seeing the restoration of miracles and healing, that is what they might emphasize.  And still others would likely say, “Telling people about salvation from sin through Christ.”

The one sentence description reveals who Jesus is and what His mission in the earth was.  And those words tend to identify our personal passion.  If not our own motivating passion, at least what we think it is supposed to be.

Three Of The Four Gospels Summarize It For Us

Actually Matthew, Mark, and Luke boil it down for us in the first sentence they put in His mouth when His public ministry commences.

“Repent for the Kingdom of God is has arrived.”

The fact revealed by those three Gospels is that the moral teachings of Jesus is not that actual essence of His teaching.  They are all subordinate factors of a larger, more important idea.  Those behaviors only make sense in the context of some bigger thing.  And that is, “The Kingdom of God is here.”

The Essence of The Kingdom of God

At the conclusion of the creation story in Genesis 1, we discover that God made mankind (humanity) in His image and after His likeness.

In the Near Eastern cultures, kings were thought to be “deities.”  Only kings were given the well known title, “The image of god.”  They were thought to be special representatives of their gods.

The Biblical culture made a scandalous differentiation.  It was that the Hebrew God made all of humanity as His representatives.

The primary emphasis is that God is the Supreme Source and Ruler, but on the earth, His human creation were given the assignment to carry out that rule.  You will discover in the Bible  narrative, God nearly never – if ever – actually acts out His authority and power without doing it through humans.

Broader Perspectives

Although there are specific descriptions of what His acted upon rule looks like, none of those specifics describe the essence of God’s Kingdom.

The Essence, Once Again, Is God and…


If Man doesn’t activate his responsibility regarding (name the specific), as God reveals His desire to him/her,  it simply is not going to get done in the earth.  That is…until God finds someone who will be and do what God has designed and authorized them to be.

Shirking Our Design And Responsibility

Since we are made in God’s image and are therefore tasked with divine responsibility in the earth, then it does no good to try and put it back on God.

In the garden, Jesus said, “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

He was NOT attempting to off load anything.  He was saying, “As a man, I don’t want to go any further with this.  It’s just too much.  However…NOT MY WILL…BUT YOURS BE DONE.  In other words, “Let’s get on with it, then.”

Too many things are put off onto “Whatever God wants”

What He wants is for you to begin functioning according to your design and authority and do here and now what you see him doing, and saying what you hear Him saying.

“I’ve given you the authority to oversee, steward, and manage my desire in the earth.  Get on with it.  Learn about it.  Just do it.”


We can’t talk about the God’s Kingdom without talking about The Human Project, it’s rights and responsibilities.

Someone said, “Why is there so much suffering in the world if God is love.”

Answer:  Because it takes humans to exercise the power of His love.

Till next time….