The Importance of Pocket Change

I don’t know about you, but my pockets seem to always be full of coins.  I guess I just automatically pay with paper money.

Although too much pocket change is cumbersome, there’s also a secret to be discovered in having plenty of “pocket change.”

Of course, the coinage I refer to is not literal but symbolic.  And it really will make a huge difference in your ability to lead anyone.  Whether your leadership is as a parent, boss, ministry leader, or even friend, the principle of “pocket change” is a truth as sure as “sugar is sweet.”

You Get Some Change Simply By Grace

We all start in the life leadership roles we’ve been given with change in our pockets.  Somehow, God put it there as an act of grace.  However, we have to maintain it.  It’s similar to the way God worked with the Israelites when they moved camp.  Each time, He would initially start the fire on the altar supernaturally.  But then the priests had to maintain the fire.

The “Pocket Change” Does Not Remain Unchanged

When we make good decisions that “pay off” in positive ways for those we are leading, it adds more “change to our pockets.”
When (not if, but when) our actions and decisions are perceived to be detrimental (or actually are)…we loose some change.

Too Many Withdrawals Put Us At Risk

If we continue making more withdrawals than received additions, we eventually loose any pocket change.  When that happens, the next bad decision or action finds no grace no matter how innocent or small.

Trust Is A Must

You may be in a situation where you don’t seem to be able to “move forward” with an invidual.  Lack of “pocket change” could be the reason.
“Pocket Change” in this article is a symbolic expression for the quality, “Trust.”   And, trust is a must in all our life experiences because somewhere, somehow you have a “leadership role” in somebodies life.

And, you are only a leader to the same proportion that you are trusted.  Furthermore trust is ONLY DEVELOPED in an atmosphere of intentional relationship.  We can’t even receive trust by spiritual revelation.  Only the reality of the need for trust.  Trust is fashioned on the potter’s wheel of relational life.

If you know you’ve lost all your pocket change with someone, begin by asking God to show you opportunities to re-gain that trust.  Start with pennies and work up.  Ask for God’s grace on yourself and the other person.  Know that it may take some time.  Just start.

Someone said, if you have a choice between the qualities of skill, intelligence, or trust – ALWAYS opt for trust.  It is trust that pays off richly in life.


  • Kim Farb

    I appreciate this word so much. “Start with pennys…”. I can do that! Thank you.

    • It’s like I always say during my weddings, Kim. “It’s the little things that are the big things.” The pocket change analogy also helps us understand why there are times when we are even 100% correct, but the person still doesn’t hear us, because for the time being we’ve lost all our “pocket change” with them.