The Jesus Life Is Like A Game Of Checkers

checkers-corbismkbHow is life like a game of checkers?  Well let me tell you.

I was minding my own business as I turned onto 7th Ave off of 19th Street in Moline, IL.  I had just started praying one of my favorite Bible scriptures, Psalm 103:1-5.  I had just gotten to verse 4 and was declaring, “You crown me with loving kindness.”  Right at that moment I saw of vision in my minds eye.

I saw a checker board while at the same time perceiving a voice saying, “King me.”  This inner image came unpremeditated out of nowhere.  Therefore, my best guess was this was a spiritual touch of the Holy Spirit.

In nearly an instant, I also knew it was a revelation (inner clarity) of how life in Christ is designed by God to be.  Many of those reading this right now are experiencing the hard stuff of life on planet earth.  I share my vision here that it might become fresh inner clarity for you.

In the game of checkers, the object is to get one’s single checkers to the back row of his/her opponent without their checker piece being taken first.  Once that happens, the person declares, “King me.”  Just like the picture, the single piece is doubled.  It’s now been crowned with greater power of movement on the board.  Plus, once a king is made, the other single pieces can no longer take that piece.

The word translated loving kindness is a Hebrew word that stands for a special, unrelenting, persistent, merciful, love and bond that God has for His people.  It is a word that is not used indiscriminately for the kindness of one person to another, in general.  It’s the kind of care and provision that is given to those who are bound together with one another in everlasting covenant.

In this checker board vision, the Holy Spirit was picturing the reality of your and my life in Christ Jesus.  He has “King-ed us” with His unique royal crown that gives us the ability and right to “reign in life through the One Christ Jesus.” (Romans 5:17) Regardless of your circumstances today, reality is (contrary to what it may seem) “you are the head and not the tail.  Above only and not beneath.” (Duet. 28:13)

Be re-couraged by that reality.  Go ahead.  Move today with the heart of a King.  You are.  Kings fight battles, and the King of Kings always wins.  He has crowned you as His Co-Regent.