The Key To Courage

The key to “doing the stuff” or truly re-presenting Jesus in our earth walk is courage or boldness.  

“Easy for you to say,” you respond.

“How’s that?”

“You’re extroverted…with a bold risk taking personality.”

That may be true…the personality part.  But, let me share a key to courage I bet you didn’t realize…

True courage or boldness comes in bite sized pieces of time.  It really doesn’t depend on personality type.  Courage comes when you realize it only has to be about 10 seconds long.

That’s right…10 seconds long.  Within that 10 seconds is the spontaneous decision to “take a leap” into the deep end without thinking about it.  Once the “leap of faith” has been initiated, it’s too late.  You can’t back out.  You’re now on the roll.  And, the good news…that’s where you discover the power of God backing up your “leap.”

Many people think that courage or being bold is the result of genetic wiring.  But, it’s really not.  It’s actually “flashes of unpondered risk.”  Boldness is a quickening of the Holy Spirit quickly acted upon.

Realize – today – that any old coward can ask the Holy Spirit for short moments of “quickening.”  Then respond without thinking.  Once the 10 seconds is over you can feel as timid as you like.  You only need 10 seconds of boldness.  After that you’ve already put yourself in the land of no return.  And, THAT…is where the cool Holy Spirit empowered stuff blossoms.