The L Word


“An unforgettable quote from Les Misérables is, “Life’s great happiness is to be convinced we are loved.”  – Jim Palmer

Jim goes on to say, “The word “love” comes up incessantly in life and I sometimes wonder what it is exactly that we want when we express the longing to be loved. It seems to me that being “convinced we are loved” would mean that we experience ourselves as being accepted, worthy, wanted, desirable, beautiful, powerful, and valuable. Even if love is the essence of our identity, which I believe it is, our experience of love happens primarily in connection and relationship with others. The significance of Jesus for others was that he made God’s love believable and experience-able. Jesus did not send people off to a mountaintop to meditate on God’s love, or send them to church to study God’s love, or distribute theological pamphlets, explaining God’s love. Jesus gave expression to love… Jesus was love… his life was being love.”

He also made this observation that echos my own opinion…

“I’d like to re-write Victor Hugo’s Les Mis quote this way, “Life’s great purpose is to convince others they are loved.”

I’ve heard others sincerely say that they believe we must first know God’s love before we can give it away.  That sounds scriptural doesn’t it?  After all, 1st John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us…”

That is, of course a fact.  The only reason we can give away the God kind of love is because He made it possible by initiating the process.  But maybe we could also think of it this way…

Because Jesus paid our rightful price we now possess His supernatural love that resides within us.  Maybe we haven’t expressed it because we don’t know we already have the capacity, through Him within, to do so.

In our Western Culture we are highly educated in the “me first” way of thinking.  So, those who probably should know better, teach it as God’s way.  Actually, there’s some…sorta…truth to that…maybe…a little bit.  But, at best, it’s waaaay incomplete in understanding how God makes it work.

One of the many “voices of God in nature” gives us this principle:  The Law of The Seed.  We also find an abundance of examples in the teachings of the scriptures.

Actually, one of the Bible references we often attach to financial giving is Luke 6:38, “Give and it shall be given unto you…”  However…

that verse (in context) is not about finances at all.  It’s about the giving of love, and mercy.

So, if you want to “feel the love” that comes from God, it’s about the seed sewn.  As I quoted Jim Palmer at the beginning of this article,  “I’d like to re-write Victor Hugo’s Les Mis quote this way, “Life’s great purpose is to convince others they are loved.”

It’s your turn.  Please let us hear from you in the comments.