The Logic of the Planned Parenthood Defense and Me

whatareyoudoingI posted an article on Facebook today that looked a little deeper into the Planned Parenthood “lesser of two evils” logical defense.  I’m not going to put all of that detail here.  Instead here is a general summary:

Planned Parenthood claims a clientele of 2.7 people yearly.  Primarily low income.  They also publicly state that only 3% of their services include abortion.

Those Numbers Show

Their own numbers indicate that they perform approximately 81,000 abortions yearly.

The Root Question

The root idea was based on the question, “How much intentional taking of innocent life is tolerable or justifiable for the good that PP does? Does 1, 50, 500 or more balance the scale?

Apparently, using PP’s statistics, the answer  is  81,000 innocent lives a year vs all the other good they do balances the scales of justice for them.  In other words, 81,000 lives is an acceptable price to pay.

Blowing The Whistle Doesn’t Solve The Problem. Neither Does Political Swordsmanship

HOWEVER…to only shine light there doesn’t solve the problem on a practical level. I felt, what I believe was God, nudging me with, “Beyond the light of logic you just shined, what will you aggressively, passionately, practically set in motion BEYOND WORDS as a solution for those that have legitimate need? I immediately began to “pray into” as well as begin researching that. What I’m not going to do is jump on a political bandwagon and become another megaphone. Instead, I must help orchestrate a local solution. I intend do be a “doer” of the word and not a “hearer and declarer” of words on the subject.

It’s very easy to say that it’s a complex issue and therefore I can’t do much about it.   It’s also easy to jump on someone else’s political/spiritual bandwagon. 

What we tolerate forms the value system in our own lives on multiple levels.

My challenge to you is to go beyond rhetoric and begin seeking the heart of God for ways that you can be “non protesting, non political” part of the solution.   I am.  I hope you’ll join me in the same spirit.

Remember, you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed.

Please add to the conversation by commenting if you’d like…as long as it’s not simply beating the same, already loud, drum.