The Most Common Question Everyone Asks

The commonest…most common…most commonest question everyone asks (probably a gazillion times) in their life time is, <drum roll>

Tah dah…

The answer: Why?

Now, that’s actually a question from two entirely different perspectives.  One good.  One…not so much.

The  question, “Why?” birthed from being inquisitive, intrigued, or curious to learn something new…well, that’s the good kind.  To that I say, “Go for it!”   Investigate, probe, research, consider, look into the awesome life of God.  Both on a natural and spiritual plain.

However, “why me” is the actual question many people are indulging in.

I’ve had my share of “why me” times…even seasons.  Through much experience I’ve come to these ultimate conclusions:


  1. The question is never answered…at least to my satisfaction.
  2. The answer didn’t make me feel any better.

You see…we think that understanding the issue will give us comfort.  If you’re like me, not only is the “why me” answer devoid of mental peace; it also usually raises more questions.  And once again I’m “off to the mental races” for the illusive answer.

There is a solution, however…

Choosing to believe that God is smarter than me…not because I choose to believe it;  But, because it’s true whether I believe it or not.

Consider this illustration…

A child watches his or her math teacher working out a difficult calculus problem.  He or she says, “Teacher, why did you arrive at the answer that way?”

Although the teacher could explain themselves, they don’t.  Why?  Simply because the child would have no concept of calculus rules that the teacher was trying to explain. Instead, the wise teacher will respond, “Trust me for now.  You wouldn’t understand.”  Through maturity and learning, the child may come to understand the rules and the teacher would then explain.  However…Human and Spritual Life is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than calculus.

Also consider this…

Put your hand in an open flame and you’ll get burned.  It’ll hurt.  Your skin was not designed for direct exposure to a flame.

Someone said, “We can’t blame God for the painful natural consequences of our free will actions.”

“Why Me?”  It’s a question that’s an incredible time waster in the way it is usually asked of God.  In fact it’s possible He may say, “Son (Daugher), I love you!  Get over yourself.”

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  • Well said Gary! I really appreciate this.

    • Thanks, Lee. Btw…God bless on the new church plant!