The Practice Zone

I don’t know who originated this statement, but it’s true…

“We are spirit beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having spiritual experiences”

That makes all the difference in how one faces life here on planet earth.

I also believe this spirit being (the more real you) must be trained. 

No worthwhile training regime is a once-in-awhile, here and there, or hit and miss thing.  Instead, it’s a consistent practicing of good principles which are ultimately followed by enjoying the fruit that results.  It also involves personal experimenting along the way to discover what works best for each individual.  Good  basic principles are necessary.  But, an exacting “one size fits all” approach isn’t necessary.

Since coming to the solid belief that I’m a spirit being having a physical experience, I spend more time developing the spirit side of my being.  An important part of my “spirit training” is development in understanding my dreams (which includes helping others understand theirs) as well as the spiritual gifting that appears in I Corinthians 12.  Especially (for me) Prophecy, and Word of Knowledge.

To be honest, I initially acknowledged the importance of dream interpretation and spiritual gifts.  I even dabbled at understanding and developing them on a personal level…that is until I would hit walls of frustration.  Then I’d set practicing them on the side.

However, interest would begin to, yet again, peek and I’d embrace the learning and practicing cycle. 

A teacher named Mark Virkler says that improvement in anything depends on focusing on the desired subject for a lengthy period of time.  I believe “focus” includes a few things:

  1. Purposeful exposure to the desired subject.  Giving attention to various approaches to the subject matter from a variety of trusted teachers.
  2. Pondering the key aspects of what you are learning.
  3. Trying lots of approaches to discover what works for you.
  4. Consistently practicing what you are learning regardless of the lack of perfection in your attempts to master the subject.
  5. Give your subject learning and practice time every day regardless of the amount of time you can give it.  Some days it’ll be 30 minutes or more.  Some days only 5 minutes.  Accept the fact that both short and long amounts of time are acceptable.  The most important issue is consistency.

On my personal journey, I’m convinced I’m a spirit being having a physical experience as I live in this earth.  My spirit being must be trained as I grow in my personal relationship with Abba Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.