The Prayer Killer by Gary Ellis

“I should be praying more!”

How many of you have said that – at least once – if not a gazillion times in your life?

Although the feeling, “I should be praying more” is likely true, the statement is a spotlight on the reason you don’t.  It can be summed up with the one word, “obligation.”  It’s a word that’s loaded with overtones of guilt motivation.  It speaks from the wrong side of the Cross.

The message of the Old Testament prophets was, “Here’s what’s wrong with you.”  The declaration of the New Testament preacher is, “Here’s what’s right with you because of His gift of righteousness.”

“I should be praying more” hints [like a jackhammer] that there’s something wrong with you.  It points out your lack.

Paul told Timothy that faith can shipwreck on the rocks of a bad conscience.  In like manner, our motivation to talk with our Heavenly Father can run aground if we’re constantly heavy handing ourselves about how much more we should really be praying.  In other words, “Look at your lack!”

Looking at our lack will never motivate our faith….to pray…or anything else.

There’s a place of freedom in prayer and the Holy Spirit will lead you there as you ask Him.  He has the wisdom that will make the prayer privilege a refreshing and fulfilling experience.