The Repentance God Loves – by Gary Ellis

Many Christians have come to believe that repentance is an act of sorrow over our sins.  Preferably at an altar.   But that’s not the repentance God loves unless it’s the result of something else.  Bill Johnson has a quote that hits the nail on the head.  This is the repentance that God loves:

That which is unseen can be realized only through repentance. It was as though He said, ‘If you don’t change the way you perceive things, you’ll live your whole life thinking that what you see in the natural is the superior reality. Without changing the way you think you’ll never see the world that is right in front of you. It’s My world [says God], and it fulfills every dream you’ve ever had. – Bill Johnson

Sorrow only means something if it’s the result of realizing how far off our perceptions have been and how much of God those perceptions have robbed us of God’s Kingdom life.

The Quad Cities School of Supernatural Ministry founding first year class of 11 students began this week.  For the next 9 months we’ll be in the process of deep repentance.  We’ll be changing the perceptions that have blocked us from the life that God planned, and Jesus purchased for us (and the world) with a huge price.

God loves true sorrow for sins…if it’s the result of a changed way of thinking.  Changing our perception.  That’s the repentance God loves.