The Secret of Peace on Earth

This is a season that is accompanied by more strife, suicide, and stress than at any other time of the year.

So, how can we discover, embrace, and experience the calm, composure, and contentment that seems to allude even the most sincere, God worshiping people?

A poet wisely penned, “Sometimes God calms the storm.  Sometimes He allows the storm to rage and comforts His child.”

The angelic proclamation, “Peace on earth, good will toward men” was declaring the end of God’s war with man, and the way to peace with Him.  The baby Jesus was the seed of that Peace Treaty.

Peace Has A Source

In reality, peace has no beginning.  Peace is one of the infinite qualities of God, Himself.  It is in connecting to God, through Jesus, that we “tap into” His nature.

Jesus said, “My peace is not the peace that the world gives you.”

The peace of Jesus, as a very “flavor” of His nature, begins to permeate all those who call upon Him as the Prince of Peace.  What’s more, the very atmosphere of the Kingdom of God is peace.  His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven declares the accessibility of peace to fill the lungs of our spirits.  As that happens, peace dominates us from the inside out.

Since we were charged and equipped by God to take dominion in the earth that which dominates us inwardly begins to rule our “outwardlies.”

That’s why Jesus could be dead to the world (as an expression of sleeping) because He was just that.  Dead to the world and alive to the realities of Kingdom life.

Not just Jesus…but His co-heir brothers and sisters, as well.

Most people try to manage peace around them without first giving attention to the peace that is theirs as an inheritance of the spirit man.

Many reading this have great experiences with friends and family during this special Jesus Birthday Season.  But, many do not.

The angel’s declared a truth in that field 2000 years ago.  Peace on earth, good will toward (fill in your name).

God never promised tranquility and lack of strife in a fleshly sin infested world.  But this season, realize afresh that the angelic declaration was far more than a verse for Hallmark cards, or read in the rehearsing of events that took place so long ago.

Peace on earth, good will toward YOU is your inheritance in Jesus.  His gift of peace is as sure as forgiveness of sins, and healing of the body.  It’s yours.  Taste and see that His peace is good!