The Secret To Getting Answers

Do you have a question before God that He doesn’t seem to be answering?  Maybe more than one?  C.S. Lewis has the answer:

C.S. Lewis, “Till We Have Faces”

As C.S. Lewis ends his great Till We Have Faces, “I ended my first book with the words, no answer’. I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer.  You are, yourself, the answer. Before your face questions die away.  What other answer would suffice?  Only words, words; to be led out to battle against other words.”

Before His Face Questions Die

Those words, “Before His face questions die away” don’t bring a lot of comfort….unless….

The person (maybe you) are beginning to discover that His Presence (Face) supplies a quietness of mind and emotion that has a settling effect.

Answers Are Important

Answers to questions are important.  But a more vital issue is getting to know…developing intimacy with…The Answer, Himself!

Answers are important.  God knows that.  He also knows that the right answer at the right time is what’s most important…in fact critical.
He has the right answer!  He knows the right timing!  Those two factors line up and are relayed, normally, in a whisper of trust from His lips to your ears.  In the meantime, the most important issue is learning to trust Him.

<not just with head doctrine that is so easily spoken…but from the heart>

Believe me…Trust Is Worth It’s Weight In Celestial Gold!  The peace of mind and heart that flows from trust is beyond any word description!

Words To Be Led Out To Battle With Other Words

C.S. Lewis’ expression of ” words being led out to battle with other words” is such an accurate description of what happens when we have to have the right answers instead of The Answer, Himself.  In the Western World we worship having to have the right answers.  We think those right answers are our salvation.  They aren’t.

Stop Striving For Answers

He, Himself, is the Answer.  Get to know Him in increasing closeness of relationship.  There’s no one right answer in how to do that.  Just work at it with a pure heart to know Him.  He’ll respond.  He’ll be there for you.  Learn to relax into Him.  The writer to the Hebrews put it this way, “Strive to enter rest.”  He…The Answer…will have the answers you need when and if you need them.  In the meantime seek Him and trust.

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  • Mel Putnam

    Very good. I had never heard it presented like that before.