The Sin That Does The Most Damage

angry-godSin is clearly a very serious issue because of it’s power to damage and destroy people.  But which sin or sins do the most damage? 

That is one of the most important questions you will ever answer!

I would like to suggest that it is the sin (and sins) that are not so easily identifiable.

The definition and description of sin has forever been influenced by denominational opinions.  They are normally identified in “Don’t Lists” that self righteous folks cling do as badges of courage.

Don’t drink – Don’t Chew – Don’t go with girls who do

I grew up being told and believing that going to movies was a sin.  Also playing cards, mixed public swimming, smoking, drinking, dancing, etc.

(btw…I am not advocating for practicing anything that would be against good common sense)

Here’s the thing…

There is something far more insidious that keeps a person locked up in a prison house of sin than action list sins.

The greatest and most damaging sin is hidden in our imaginations of who and what God is.

The greatest and most death dealing sin is found in misconceptions about God that are born from religious bindings.  Binding is actually the accurate definition of religion.  Religio literally means to “re-bind.”

The truth of Christ Jesus sets us free…and religion re-binds us.

What we think about our Father God is vital to our life of freedom from sin.  And the first fact we must realize is that our Father God is not the common image of a God Father.

He is also not Thor the Punisher.  He is not a doting grandfather.   He is  not a genocidal maniac.  And the list of negatives goes on.

Who is God?  How can I know what He is like?

In the attitudes and actions of Jesus!

If your God is not Christlike, He’s not the real Father God and your misconception is a serious sin because it will kill you.


P.S.  Who is God in your mind and heart?  Are you intentionally grappling with that?   If He is the same image you had a year ago, then you aren’t maturing in your understanding….and that may be hurting you.