The Soul’s Anchor: The Sacred Space

We try to point to circumstances.  We say, “I wouldn’t be drifting about crashing into things if it weren’t for (this or that).

The real reason we float precariously about has one cause:  Our soul’s anchor has come loose from the Rock that held it secure.

How we “set the anchor” has been called all sorts of things.  Devotions.  Quiet time.  Meditation.  It is sometimes called in the Scriptures, “The Secret Place of the Most High.”

I happen to call it, “My Sacred Space.”

No other soul can go there with me.  The “sacred space” is a time that is private.  It is the place my anchor is secured.

It is not a complicated issue.  A child can find and enter the sacred space…alone.

How do I enter my sacred space?

Different days, different ways…if we’re talking “steps.”  There are no formulas.

I normally include a little quiet music while I munch on my favorite scripture of the moment.  I then simply stand still, cover my eyes, and with anticipation and patience wait for “the dove” to land on my still shoulder.

(Covering my eyes isn’t a religious ritual.  It’s blocking out external light and helps the eyes of my spirit see more clearly impressions that light on my imagination)

Unmeditated impressions, images, and inner feelings gently light.  I pay attention.  Paying attention is an art that is learned only by practice.

That’s my sacred space.  I enjoy it more every day.  At times “nothing” seems to happen and I probably get too impatient and disengage.  But, I find that patience grows with practice.  I make the choice to wait for the “dove” to light.  The Holy Spirit does all the “work.”

Honestly, it’s so simple an approach to relationship with the Lord that it offends many of the “more mature.”  But, I like being a Kingdom Child.

You, too, have a sacred space designed – uniquely for you – by God.  It is the anchor for you soul.  It is a miraculous haven of peace and power for your life.