The Ultimate Strategist by Gary Ellis

In the movie, “X Men – First Class” the character known as Diamond had the following line.  “If you say there is a war, it assumes that both sides have an equal possibility for victory.”  She was attempting to cast doubt on her enemy’s abilities.

That, of course, is a line in the movie.  However, I immediately thought of a spiritual implication.

To say that Sons and Daughters of God are at war with the Satan would suggest the same thing. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  God is not at war with Satan.  And, when our thoughts follow the consideration that there is a war, our helmet of salvation is flawed.

The truth is this…

  • Jesus has already won the victory.
  • His words, “It is finished” was the ultimate declaration of that truth.
  • Today we fight from victory not for victory.
  • Today our conquests are skirmishes of reinforcement.
  • He is the Ultimate Strategist in this campaign.
  • We have the honor of walking with Him, by faith, employing those strategies.
  • We follow and cooperate with the orders of the “Captain of the Lord’s Host.”
  • We watch the enforcements of our victory unfold before our eyes.
  • With faith and patience to take the spoils of His war that’s already won.

It’s been my experience that I often don’t see with my natural understanding how things are working together until after the plan begins coming together.  It’s then that I say, “Oh, that’s what He meant.  That’s what He was doing.”

Three years ago, I received a word of prophecy from a gifted 16 year old that I did not understand.  In fact, I thought at the time that this was probably one of those times that the young man “missed it.”  The reason I felt that way was because I didn’t understand how his word to me could ever really happen.  It seemed too far “out there”…if you know what I mean.

He said, “I see a tall building.  It looks like a government office building.  I believe it means that you are going to have favor and even function in some kind of governmental authority.  Maybe it means spiritual…and I’m not sure…but I don’t think so.”

As I indicated, I didn’t see how that would ever be the case.  There was no way for that to naturally happen that I was aware of.  In fact, I did not aspire to anything like that.  I really had no desire along those lines, either.

Of course “governmental authority” could play out any number of ways…but it seemed pretty far fetched.  Except…today…there are things coming together.  Things that I did nothing to make happen that, in the days ahead, will definitely prove the vision to be accurate.

To conclude, I want to encourage you as you read this that God has already won your battle.  He is the Ultimate Strategist.  His current “game” of enforcement is extremely detailed in it’s strategy.  He will likely use you in ways you may not think are possible.  The strategies often unfold over a great deal of time (as we count length of time).  So, let your ears stay close to His mouth.  Believe His whispers and follow His lead…even when it seems pretty “far out.”  Actually, there are times when all you do is believe His word, ponder it in your heart like Mary, and wait.

We’ve already won.  Walk with Jesus.  Nurture your fellowship with Him.  Listen.  Obey when there’s something to obey.  Trust.  Be excited that your battles are already won!