There’s A Bunch Of “Trees” To Enjoy

apples-490475_960_720One way to identify deadly religion that is masquerading as God’s Kingdom on earth is how its message is promoted.  There are several telltale marks, but one of the most common is the emphasis on the negative.  This post will look at two of many.

Garden Wisdom

Did you realize that by the time man and woman came on the scene, the garden was already in place for their care and enjoyment?

From the way deadly religion teaches, you would think God set them in the garden with the emphasis of His instruction on warning them about the one tree among the many.  But, that is not how the story goes.  Yes, he told them they couldn’t eat from the one tree.  But, he told Adam and Eve they were to care for and enjoy the abundance of His garden, AND they were permitted to find nourishment from ALL of the trees but just the one.

Nothing in God’s Kingdom message has changed. 

God is the Author of all life.  The fruit of His life is beyond abundant.  He wants you to care for and enjoy it all…but one.  The only tree you are not to be nourished from is the “tree” where you can figure it out on your own without direct connection to Him.  In other words, living from the habit of self sufficiency.

Enjoy the fullness that is God and that comes from God.

There’s more fruit on God’s trees than you’ll ever be able to ever consider or consume.  Stop focusing on the little you can’t have.

Garden Imagination

Another tragedy that dead religion and worldly wisdom has perpetrated on God’s sons and daughters is the severe downgrading of the function of mankind’s ability to visualize communication.

The ability to “image” information is as normal and necessary to human kind as it is for eyes to see, and lungs to breath, etc.   It’s a normal part of waking hours and sleeping hours.  That’s just the way God made us in His wisdom.

However, instead of being friends with our ability to communicate through imagination, deadly religion (and much of rationalistic society) has taught us to fear and/or dismiss this vital function.

Imagination Prayer

I’ve discovered a wonderful way to intimately and consciously connect with God in prayer.  I’m still learning and probably will continue to do so until I see Him face to face in eternity.

I’ve discovered that God has many ways of speaking to us.  Through words, vision, dream, colors, emotions, etc, etc.

I’ve also discovered that I can speak with God the same way.  I am not limited to the form of prayer that is only rationally constructed words that I’ve reasoned out.  I used to think that the most powerful prayers were the prayers that I correctly spoke.  But, I no longer believe that.

Heart Prayers

The most powerful prayers are those that originate in the heart.  Since the language of the heart includes many forms, – and since the imagination is the “factory” that produces those forms – I now speak many of my “prayers” to God non verbally.

That sounds weird…or new age…or something….just weird.   I know.  But, it isn’t.  And since the Kingdom of God is not about fear, I have been exploring many kinds of prayer language.  And, you know what?   I like it!  I’m feeling more and more close to the heart of God all the time.

In Conclusion

So, how shall I wrap this up?   I think just to say, “Explore the fulness of potential in God’s Kingdom Garden.  It’s there that you’ll find the meaning of Abundant Life.