Tin Man Faith by Gary Ellis

I’m all for having a foundation of accurate scripture based beliefs.  I completely support the vital need for accuracy in a Christian’s systems of faith.  What I am troubled by is “Tin Man Theology.”

When I say, “Tin Man Theology,” I mean squeaky clean interpretations of what the scriptures state to be truth…yet without heart.

<That was the issue with the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.  He was missing a heart>

As Jesus walked this earth, the Word of God states in Hebrews 4:15 that He was, “…touched with the feeling of our infirmities, yet without sin.”

There’s no shortage of people contending for the faith now-a-days.  There’s also no shortage of teachings that are stumbling down some rocky paths.  Contending for biblical accuracy, in how God’s truth is presented, is very high on my list of personal priorities.  It’s crucial because – according to John 8:32 – it’s the truth that sets us truly free.

A fact, however, that we must not forget is that the truth spoken of here is more than academic or doctrinal accuracy.  Jesus declared in His teachings that He was the Truth.  Then we add to that what Jesus told His disciples. He said that the greatest commandment was two fold, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind…AND…your neighbor as yourself.

I am not stating any particular doctrines that are currently under scrutiny.  Take your pick.  There are plenty to go around.

But, I am voicing my concern that an equal error to mishandling the Word of God doctrinally, is falling into the trap of defending doctrine  without the same heart the Prophet Samuel displayed when he knew he had to deliver a serious rebuke.  He wept all night before delivering the strong Word of God.

My heart cries that sometimes we fail to be pierced with heart as we defend the faith of our fathers.  Oh, there is plenty of emotion evident as we prosecute the offenders and protect the innocent.  But displays of emotion are not always the same thing as depth of heart.

When it all “shakes out” my personal opinion is we’ll discover that so many people were discouraged by heartless religion that was long on accuracy and short on empathy.



  • guest

    How I ended up here I will never know (most likely because of the gilded age)
                     – from an Agnostic

  • Darlnone

    I  share  your faith  and  concern.  I am very much guilty of not getting out and sharing the truth of Jesus with others. I  am designing a tin man to help spread the word.