Under Attack Solution

Does it feel like you are under attack?

If that is the case, your solution is to view your circumstances through a different set of eyes.  That is another way of saying that “repentance” is in order.  In other words, you need to begin thinking more accurate thoughts.

What do you mean, Gary?  It is accurate that I am under attack.  So many things are going wrong.  That’s the truth.

Okay, I’m glad you want to talk about truth.

God’s thoughts are the truth.  And He sees things much differently than we often do.  If you are in Christ, God sees the fact that is spoken in Ephesians 2:6,

“And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,”

If current circumstances in our lives seem to contradict that fact, it doesn’t make the circumstances to be the truth.  It may be ‘true’ (accurate information) that the visible things that are surrounding you right now are chaotic.  But truths are facts from a superior vantage point.  It is the realm of superior truth that Paul instructed the Philippians to ponder upon and consider real.

Here’s the truth, regardless of visible circumstances:  You are not under attack.  The attack is under you.  That is the truth to focus on.

Be still, stop striving, and know (come to experience) that He is God…not your visible circumstances.

What ‘seems to be’ has a powerful influence on our natural process of feeling and thinking.  However, the key to change that locks the door to further struggle is focusing on the fact that in Christ trial is under you.

As you fix your attention on that truth, the light of revelation will shine on the path you are walking and become increasingly brighter with the wisdom of God’s light.

Don’t merely glance at your position in heavenly places in Christ.  Soak in it.  Let it soak into the cells and fiber of your heart.

Where you’ve seemed ‘stuck,’ the truth will act like WD 40, and before you know it, you’ll begin experiencing a new level of freedom in thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.

You are not under attack.  Attack is under you!