Upside Down Law of Attraction by Gary Ellis

If you’ve been around any amount of time, you’ve heard of a principle called, “The Law of Attraction.”  I don’t know all of the ins and outs of this invisible “force.”  I haven’t always bought into some of the claims of it’s teachers.  However, without being able to do justice to explaining it’s causes, I know that there are invisible “attraction law” truths (regardless of the specific labels used) that function in this life.

I have also come to recognize that there are two sides to the same principle.  It would probably best be called “The Law of Rejection.”

Whereas the “Law of Attraction” seems to function as a magnet, the “Law of Rejection” seems to operate as an invisible barrier or shield.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to repel the very things you say you want in life?  I know the feeling.

Let me make this personal for the sake of description:

Early on in life, I had several experiences where I was asked to perform an “also ran” task.  Organizations would book “So ‘n So” to speak at their conference.  Mr. “So ‘n So” would cancel at the last minute.  I would then get a call from the same organization asking if I could fill in [for the person they had actually wanted].  It got so frequent that, one day, I quipped to some friends, “I need to get some business cards printed and call myself, ‘Last Resort Ministries!'”

The thing is…it really wasn’t a joke.  I truly began to buy into that thought as my reality.

Add to that, I had several other experiences where I began to make internal agreements with the thought that I was a last resort….not the first choice anyone would make.   I also worked for a man who often belittled my desired destiny.  His words minimized who God actually created me to be.

Now…those things I’ve described are not that uncommon to life’s experiences for lots of people.  Everyone has authority figures that minimize them at one time or another.  The whole thing is common to the human experience.

The problem was…..I began to believe it.  I accepted the whole atmosphere of accusation as truth.  Because of that, the flip side of attraction began to work.  I began believing (having faith for) REJECTION.  And what we believe we project. How it works is above my paygrade to explain clearly….but it does.

An invisible red light began blinking.  The heartbeat of an opposing force began pulsating a message that people could more “feel” than hear.  Initially attracted, people would ultimately become disinterested and disengage….much to my dismay.

How did I change things?

First, I prayed, “Please show me past scenes in my life where things started going wrong.” When a “memory picture” would appear, I asked what agreements, judgments, or vows I had made in conjunction with that situation. I repented for those things and commanded the power of them to be broken over me.  I rejected the lies that had been long embedded “truth” for me.  I then, began declaring what God said was true about me.  And…I keep focusing on the truth to this day.  It’s quite amazing the emotional freedom you feel after this that goes beyond emotions to clear life differences.

Is the law of attraction upside down for you?  It can be flipped right side up!

Be blessed!  It’s God’s plan for you!

I’d be happy to entertain any questions or comments!