Urban Legend Christianity

Breakthrough“Higher Levels, Higher Devils”

In my opinion my opening sentence is one of Christianity’s “Urban Legends.”

But, I do believe the statement on the meme…”Greater Breakthroughs = Greater Blessings.”

<Sputtering…>  But, but, but, don’t you believe in the devils??

It depends on what you mean.  Do I believe in the devil (like) put my confidence in him?  No. 

However…do I believe in him (as in) do I believe he exists and loves to cause trouble?   Yep, I do.

Why Did I Call “Higher Levels, Higher Devils” and Urban Legend?

An urban legend is something that is build on stories told by people that are based in their own interpretation of circumstantial evidence that is not consistently supported by Scripture.

I have yet to be able to make a case from the Word of God that instructs us in a belief system for daily life that makes the point, “higher levels, higher devils.”

Does the Bible teach a hierarchy of what is called powers and principalities?  Yes, it does.  Therefore, I believe that it’s true that there is a “power ranking” in the demonic order.

Do I believe that “the higher” I go in spiritual responsibility and ministry that it means I am coming face to face with higher ranking of evil spirits?  No so much.

“Going Higher”

What does that mean, in spiritual reality, anyway?  At least in Western Society, we place great value in “climbing the ranks.”  But, as a Kingdom of God principle, I believe the idea is left wanting.

Faith Works…Period

If your heart and mind have faith confidence in what God says, it will come to pass.  The thing is, it also works “in reverse.”

I believe that we can believe with great confidence that the more breakthrough (breaking off of old hindering chains) we have, the greater blessings we will experience.  Not so much because God was waiting for us to “do it or believe it right” but because our old patterns of thinking and believing was hindering us from experiencing what is already our privilege and provision through Jesus Christ.

Too many sincere Christians live by too many “Urban Legends.”  I encourage you to ask the Lord where you may be being affected by this one, or something else.

Then read and research the Scriptures to decide what they actually say, and not what Western Style Logic and “Wisdom” interprets them to mean.

Remember:  Religion and Christian Urban Legends Create Atheism