There May Be More Rewards Waiting

The Scriptures clearly indicate that there will be a doling out of rewards in the Age to Come. 

How do you think God determines your value as it relates to rewards?  After all, we know that our personal value to God is determined by what Jesus has done for us through His death and resurrection.  However…

What about the kind of value we’ve established by our service to the Lord that earns us rewards?  After all, I truly don’t believe every child of God is going to be rewarded in the ‘Next Life’  in exactly the same manner or amount.

I know that some have said that it’ll be enough just to “make it to heaven.”  That that’s reward enough.  You have to decide for yourself, but I don’t subscribe to that belief that it’s reward enough just to make it to heaven.  I don’t believe that is what the Lord has taught us in the Scriptures, either.  (You have to decide for yourself).   However…

I also believe that many of God’s children have used the incorrect standard of measure when determining what they feel will likely be their heavenly rewards – or lack of same.

We, with human reasoning, too often focus on the following two areas for how we believe God will judge our deserved rewards:

  1. The weakness in our service for the Lord.
  2. The weakness of our obedience to the Lord.

We believe He’s judging by considering our weaknesses.  But, I believe the Lord has shown me something else.  He knows the vulnerability of this “clay” we live with.  With that, He considers the true desire of our hearts for service and obedience.  He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between.

I truly believe most, if not all of my readers, have far more rewards waiting for them than they believe.  Why?  Because they’ve been judging their “rewards value” to the Lord based on their own awareness of their weaknesses rather than His wisdom.