Watering Healing Seeds – by Gary Ellis

In the last post, “Healing Questions Often Asked,” I described a living parable the Lord showed me about needing to water the healing we’ve been already given in Christ Jesus.  Today, I am going to further describe that “watering” process:

The Scriptures describe the Word of God as “water.”  However, don’t be mistaken here.  The water of the Word is far more than “correct doctrines.”  Jesus told the Pharisees that they studied the scriptures because they believed that eternal life was found by knowing them correctly (in their opinion).  But, Jesus said the Scriptures have as their purpose, pointing us to Him.  It’s in HIM that we discover eternal life.

It’s not simply a matter of collecting a set of verses about healing and speaking them out loud as if healing would be found in the “right” verses confessed.

Let me quickly add that there is great value in relying on what is realized in one’s heart through healing promise scriptures!  But, that’s something quite different than saying them over and over without marinating, with the Holy Spirit, in their truths.  It’s the light of revelation given by the Holy Spirit that leads us to Jesus our healer.  And, HE is the healer…not the words themselves.

Many people try to “water” the seeds by working at “feeling” like the words are true.  Often, they also take actions that they hope will prove to God that they believe Him.  Personally, I don’t believe that is the same as watering the healing seed with healing truth.

To me, the point is to use the Word of God as “material” for pondering.  In that way we pursue Jesus and allow the revelation of that pursuit to overtake us with His intended  confidence in Him.  Part of the pondering process can be speaking the words out loud to oneself.  But, that’s only one helpful element in the pursuit.

A mother would never allow a child who’se become dirty, to splash a little water on the soiled skin.  The child has to properly wash themselves.  Apply the water and scrub.  It’s really pretty much the same in spiritual issues like healing.  The dirt of doubt, fear, frustration, etc. builds up simply by being in the world. 

I’ve actually changed the metaphor here from watering seed to washing oneself.  But the core of the truth remains the same.  Very recently the Lord spoke to me afresh when I was becoming “agitated” about conditions around me.  He said, “I am always faithful to my Word.”

In Christ Jesus, we all have the seed of full healing.  And ultimately the Seed of full healing is Him and His union with us.  Activating that understanding takes a serious application of the water of truth.