We Will Always Need Training Wheels

Training wheels

I’ve made an important discovery about my spiritual development.  I’ve discovered that I will always need spiritual training wheels.  It’s not a sign of maturity to shed them.  It’s not a sign of growth to be able to “go it alone.”  It’s a sign of immaturity to stop learning.  

It’s a sure indication of maturity to admit that you don’t know it all, make mistakes, and are still learning.  It’s a sign of growth to acknowledge, “I don’t know.”  It’s a good thing to discover and acknowledge that your way is not the only way…or even the best way.

Proverbs 18:15 (The Message), “Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights.”

Proverbs 3:7(a), “Do not be wise in your own eyes…”

The man and woman of character will let others recognize the wisdom they think they have…whether that be true or not.

The man and woman of true maturity recognizes they will always need training wheels because they will always be attempting something new.

If life is truly abundant, it will be filled with fresh opportunities to learn and experience one more thing, one more truth, every day.  Don’t fear it.  It’s where the grace is found.

Crossing the “chicken line” means we’re finally growing up!