What Does “Amen” Mean? by Gary Ellis

Amen is such a great word.  I didn’t always realize how great.  I used to use amen as an exclamation of agreement or as the “period” on the end of my prayers.  Then I discovered the fuller meaning.

As a short and simple definition, amen, has the significance of declaring God’s faithfulness.  It’s like saying, “Lord, You’re faithful!”

So, when I used to end my prayer with amen it was sort of like saying, “Well Lord, I’ve made my prayer to You.  That’s about all I have to say for now.  Later.”

Now when I pray, the final word amen means (what it actually means).  Lord, I’ve made my petition and the last thing I want to declare is my confidence in the fact that “You Are Faithful” [Amen].

Regarding my saying amen with someone’s great testimony or statement with which I agree, I now say amen as another opportunity to ascribe faithfulness to the Lord.

Why does this make all that much difference?

To me, it’s important to use every opportunity – in ways big and small – to “salt” our environment and hearts with affirmations to the greatness of God.  It gives Him honor, and it helps us keep our minds thinking on the “right stuff.”




  • This is very cool, Gary!!

    • Gary

      Hey Rach!!  Thanks.  I truly really miss you gurl!