What Does That Look Like?

Kingdom-of-GodGod’s creation story reveals a very important truth about God’s purpose for mankind.  It says that God made man “in His image.”

What most people don’t know is that was a common phrase at the time of Moses’s writing.  All kings were referred to as “the image of God” that represented their gods.

Mankind Had A Specific Purpose

When the early Hebrews learned God’s creation story, they immediately recognized that the account was telling its readers that mankind was created to represent Him in the earth as His kings.

But not only His kings with a bunch of authority and power, but His kings that ruled (subdued) like Him.

Subdue Like God vs. Like Self Interest

The word subdue is loaded with a whole host of connotations.  Most of them have been fashioned by the “wisdom” of Self Interest (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil).  Various “flavors” of self interest enforced with its own brand of power and authority.

On the other hand, subduing as God intended was more about helping “things” do to accomplish goals that they couldn’t or wouldn’t on their own.

I Am Subduing Words

When I write these blog posts, I am causing the words to do what they would not do on their own volition.  I am ordering and designing them.  Believe it or not, I “work hard” at the process.  But, this is only one of the descriptions that God had in mind when He said to subdue.

The Big Question

What does subduing look like in the elements of your daily life.  Although, in Genesis, subduing was about agricultural goals, the principle applies across time and cultures.

So what does it look like for you?  What does it mean to be a king in your environment?  What does it look like to subdue in relationship to an environment when someone else is the rightful, God-given king?

Ponder that and you are pondering God’s Kingdom as it relates to you.  Don’t give up because it’s work.  You have access to Holy Spirit help.

The Kingdom of God is like “a mustard seed.”  Pursue application of the little things and let them grow instead of limiting yourself to BIG applications.