What If…

What IfYou probably don’t need any more people telling you their version of life’s truths.  The real truth is the fact that asking yourself great questions has the power to unlock great wisdom that is already within you. 

Keep reading to discover 14 key questions:

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To all of the questions, how would that effect your decisions, attitudes and actions?

Question #1:

What if there’s more to life than I’ve lived so far?

Question #2:

What if that life is accessible to me, now?

Question #3:

What if God does love me as much as the preacher says He does?

Question #4

What if I am my own worst enemy?

Question #5

What if I could change that to becoming my own best friend?

Question #6

What if the worship songs we sing are actually true and not just nice words to pretty melodies?

Question #7

What if Jesus is actually Who He’s described to be in the Bible?  And how might that actually affect me, my life, and the lives of those around me?

[Okay, that’s a second question, but I already said there were 14.  Don’t be hatin’ 🙂 ]

Question #8

What if Jesus is YOUR Jehovah-Jireh (Your Wisdom of Provision), and you aren’t left on your own to figure it out for yourself.   And what if He isn’t stingy with that wisdom if you ask Him?

Question #9

What if Jesus actually is YOUR Jehovah-Rophe (Physician)?  That would mean you don’t have to be dependent on a failing health care system, doesn’t it?

[Okay…just know…there is more than even 15 great questions] 🙂

Question #10

What if Jesus is YOUR “Water for Cleansing” ? <I can’t pronounce or spell the Hebrew word>

Question #11

What if…like the old song says, “Something good is about to happen?”  How would that affect your attitude as you face each day?

I, personally, believe in Messiah Law (Something Good Is Always About To Happen) instead of Murphey’s Law (Something Bad Will Happen To Me At The Most Inconvenient Time)

Question #12

What if Jesus is actual reality, and every other thing you call “real” in your life is a poor imitation?

Question #13

What if you are carrying Reality around with you when ever you leave your church, house, or apartment and face your own daily journey through life.

Question #14

What if grace opens the doors to YOUR own Christmas everyday?

Supplemental Questions:

1.  What if God is actually bigger than the thing that has become SO BIG in your life?
2.  What if I actually believe that worship is more than a song and is a life lived about Him?

3.  When the music (and life’s multiplied distractions) stop and we are alone in the dark with our thoughts, what are they?  Do they support hope, or hopelessness?

The Scriptures very clearly reveal that anything that does not glisten with hope shows us where we are believing a lie about something.

These are questions that I ponder regularly.  And I come up with lots of “aha” wisdoms.  I suggest you give it a try.


Here’s the video: