What Is Conviction? by Gary Ellis

God does convict of sin.  No question about it.  He’s always going to be convicting [which literally means convincing us] of His plan and purpose for our lives. 

When the devil points towards our actions that are less than the right, powerful way to live, it’s to discourage and convict us that we are pathetic and hopeless examples of sons and daughters of God.

When the Holy Spirit convicts [convinces] us about actions or words that are hypocritical to who we really are by New Birth, He says something like…

“You’re too awesome to be acting like that…or saying that!”

He’s always pointing us to our high calling in Christ Jesus!  He’s always pointing to our greatness! He’s always filling us with hope that we can act and speak rightly…powerfully…creatively!

Even after your words or actions are not on the par with your greatness in Christ, be encouraged that Jesus paid for it and is just waiting to show you how to fulfill His life in you as you move forward together!

This doesn’t minimize sin.  It maximizes His victory and yours in Him!!