What Is Important Today?

important-stampSomebody said, “Good is the worst enemy of best.”  That being said, we have the potential every day of missing out on “best things” by being completely occupied with doing many good things.

When I went to bed last night, I had formed an idea of what today’s most important tasks, for me, would be.  When I got up, I had an email waiting from a friend asking me for a favor It wasn’t on my pre-planned list.

However, I recognized it as a clearly “best thing.”  The favor was to do something for somebody.  Something that was going to take a good chunk of time out of my pre-planned day.   However…

I immediately recognized in my heart that this was one of those things that the Lord considered important to Him.  

I’ve been praying this prayer lately, “Lord, today, I want to do what is important to you.”  And it didn’t take any sense of super spirituality to know that this was one of those “important to the Lord” things, and therefore was important to me.

I’ve finished that favor (and was happy to do so), and by now the day is coming in for a landing.  I had originally planned to write a blog post early this morning.  It’s now late in the afternoon…but that is totally okay.  The reason:  Because, today, my heart is satisfied that I accomplished the one thing most important for Him to do through me today.  And that’s what matters.

I invite you to examine (with the Holy Spirit invited to look over your shoulder) how many good things you attempt to accomplish each day.  As you look at that list, determine how many of them are actually…really…truly important to God.

I’m sure that there are tasks that you consider important that definitely are; But can the Lord  interrupt your plan without you getting your nickers in a twist?  Especially if it involves relating to another person in an encouraging way that the Lord considers important.  In a way where you have an opportunity to love them well.  Even if you consider it a “little insignificant act or word.”  It may not be insignificant to them.

How about doing some revamping of your life.  Touch somebody today.  Even if you have to go out of your way to do it.  I guarantee that if you’ve been saying the “whatever is important to You, Lord” prayer, your good important things will begin to be interrupted by best important things.

Thanks for listening.  If you’ve got a comment or personal story of your own discovery, please share with us all.