What Is This? by Gary Ellis

“I know I should believe this, but in my experience this is true.  So, being a realist, this is what I believe.”

That is the matrix of how most people decide what they are going to believe in life.  Ie:  Experiences determine realistic believing. It’s sounds very reasonable, logical, rational, well-thought-out.

Unfortunately…it’s backwards.

The truth is…all of us…yep, every single one of us…are enjoying (or not) the experiences that are a result of what we are believing to be true for ourselves.

Stated more simply:  My daily experiences are a reflection of what my heart is believing.

I can hear the question now, “What about all the things that happen to me?  Things that I can’t control?”

It’s the sad truth that many horrific, terrible things are done to people…things they didn’t ask for.  For the most part, they can’t control those issues.  However…

We can control our responses to those things.  We can control what we believe those things will ultimately mean in our lives.

<This is where some people will stop reading and close out this article…please wait>

I’m not suggesting we all just…”put on a happy face.”  And I certainly am not attempting to over simplify the issue.

However, we are all tempted to believe what we experience through our five senses.  But, the furnace of reality is rooted in a sixth sense.

Not to get all “techno geeky” but the science of Quantum Mechanics is now offering us controlled test results that whatever we focus our attention on creates a physical reality on a “cellular” level.  This is not metaphysical psychic mumbo jumbo.  There is a real time relationship between what we believe to be true and what ultimately manifests in physical life experience.

What we believe to be true is what draws our attention.  And, whatever draws and fixes our attention ultimately manifests in multi-levels of experience.

My very personal God made a very wonderful world of extraordinary dimension.  I choose to get better at believing what He says to be my truth.  That way,  I experience the abundant life that Jesus declared He came to make possible.

Believing is Seeing!