What Moves God’s Hand?

hand_ofgod2We realize areas of lack in our lives.  Insufficiency is part of the human frame.   We need the “Hand of God” to be moving for us.

But, what moves God’s Hand?  I desperately need Him to move on my behalf.

God’s Heart Moves God’s Hand

It’s easy to get into theoretical religious discussions on the subject.  Truth be told, most of the considerations – whether serious debates, or simple viewpoints – have some of the essences of truth.  As I like to say, “That’s not inaccurate.  It’s just incomplete.”  However, too many become confusingly and legalistically rigid.

“Faith Moves God’s Hand”

Of course, we are instructed in the Scriptures to conduct the affairs of our lives (walk) by faith.  But, faith in what?

It is appropriate – even vital – to be in agreement with the principles of God’s Heart.  That is without question.

However, the question is what moves God’s hand?

“Love Moves God’s Hand”

As with any human child and parent relationship, the parent desires to hear the agreement of his or her child.  But, the motivation of love is what moves the hand of the parent on the child’s behalf.

As with the parent, God loves to hear the sound of His child’s voice.  His heart is moved, and through His wisdom, His Hand is moved on our behalf.

God’s heart is stirred by His love for us.  As we engage with Him – as we intentionally call upon Him – His hand will move on our behalf regardless because of His stirrings of love.

His wisdom filled love will “move” in different ways depending on His knowledge of our need.

Is There Value In “Faith Confessions”

Yes.  But, not for the purpose of “moving the Hand of God.”  The value of repeating Bible verses is for self instruction (IMHO).   We need to assist the training of our minds with learning what the Scriptures say about issues of life as they relate to the Kingdom of God.

But training our minds to be in agreement with the realities of God’s Kingdom is simple part of good discipleship.  And, in that self training, diligence needs to be given to humble accuracy regarding what those verses are saying.

(Side note:  Head effort alone will not get anyone to the Heart of God’s Word.  We must rely on our conscious partnership with the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and ears.)

So, back to the original question.  What moves the Hand of God?

His Love For Us

His hand will not be moved to do everything we say in the way our “wisdom” (or panic) is asking for…..regardless of how many times we repeat the same verses over and over and over….

His love always contains His wisdom.  They cannot be separated. 

Therefore, “love filled wisdom” will prevail.  But, love is the initiator.  Rest in the fact that HIS LOVE FOR YOU MOVES HIS HEART, NOT NECESSARILY THE PRECISE ACCURACY OF YOUR WORDS.


P.S.  Train yourself to be humbly accurate with the Scriptures.  It is always pleasing to the Lord for His children to be in agreement with Him.  But, it’s not the key.  Love is, and His methodology of response with be wisdom.