What Success Looks Like by Gary Ellis

A Facebook Friend, Karen Swank, posted this on her status yesterday.  It immediately struck me as a good followup to my last post, “False Assumptions Hinder Us.”

It’s pretty common for people to get discouraged by the twists and turns in life.  They feel like what appears as a detour to them is, somehow, a personal failure.

Although some miss steps (even big ones) are the result of something we could have and should have avoided – ie: we knew better at the time – a change of heart like the Prodigal Son’s will reap the same reward from our Heavenly Father.

But I’ve found that most “detours” are not the result of sinful attitudes or actions, but a lack of understanding.  In fact the truth is that many times we have the right goals in mind but aren’t “smart enough” to figure out all the right steps to get there. But God is, and according to Romans 8:28, “He can make all things work together for good…”

“Blessed is the man who enjoys the scenery along the detours.”

That is the slogan on a plaque that some of my Bible School students once got me.  For some reason, all those that know me know that I often like to take “bunny trails” while I’m teaching.

If you’re feeling depressed about the apparent twists and turns in your life, keep your heart fixed on your desire to walk rightly with the Lord…trust Him…and realize the path of probably all of the successful men and women you know have had a journey that looks like the pencil sketch in this post.