What “the word” Means

world-mapSome people do not believe that God speaks words of prophecy today.  Others do.  I’m one of them.  But, what do these “words” actually mean?  Here is my perspective:

I know it’s possible to abuse “spiritual gifts” that the Apostle Paul talks about in I Corinthians.  But, I also believe that many bible teachers and preachers are often like “the new pharisees.”  It’s just a contemporary brand of those who will not only not enter the “promised land” themselves, they block the way for others from entering.  Their mantra is “Watch Out!”  Instead of helping people get to a better place, they spend the volume of their time warning people against this or that on the grounds that it’s not biblical/scriptural.  By itself, the “not biblical” characterization is pretty high minded.

To me, it would be far more truthful to say, “In my opinion I think (this or that) is what the Bible means here.  That’s not compromise.  That’s humility.

However on to my personal story on discovering what certain “words” (prophecy/dreams/etc) may mean…

Several times I’ve been given a word of prophecy that spoke about influence “to the ends of the earth.”  I was cautious because a flattering word that promotes how great thou art can be deceptive.  I also know that God speaks things that are not yet…but what will be…to encourage us.  There is more than an abundance of negative, degrading, depressing thoughts “out in the world” in general, that the Lord will give a fresh word of His confidence in you.

At any rate, I was beginning to get “longer in the tooth” and didn’t know how this could actually be…but…God makes all things possible.  (btw…I’m not THAT old) 🙂

The story continues…

I’ve been blogging now for a few years.  Mostly like a journal for myself.  For the first few years, I was not getting many readers on a consistent basis.  In fact…I was sorta discouraged.  However, I plodded along…but I stopped looking at the stats.  In fact, I hadn’t for over a year.  And then…

I decided recently to check them out.  SHOCK!  Although this isn’t so big at all by popular blogger standards, I was now consistently getting 1200 to 1500 brand new views a month with many more that were returning and reading more than one entry at a time.

SECOND SHOCK!  Half of the views are outside of the United States in many surprising multiple countries all over the world.   [One that surprised me…I don’t know why…was a high number in India.]

So, the word of world wide influence is true, but interpreted differently than I originally imagined.  And that’s not to mention my YouTube channel that gets 12,000-15,000 views per week.

This isn’t about brag…although, I’m proud and happy at what is happening with my internet work.  It’s about allowing “words” to have richer and varied meanings than we initially realize.

Will I travel “in body”?  Maybe.  But, this I do know.  His word (that came from multiple unknown people over a space of time) was absolutely true.  And, I’m encouraged!

If you’re reading this right now, where are you from?  It would be fun to see that in the comments.



  • Dear Garry,

    Thanks a lot for you blogs. I live with my wife in Kiev, Ukraine. We are so bleesed with your articles and other intresting matherials, found on you web pages.

    Let God Bless you.

    • gle1244

      Thank you, Victor. I’m thrilled at how far these reach!

  • Hi Gary!
    I’m from your church….lol….I believe that I am blessed by having you as my pastor and This is awesome that God is using you to reach people all over the world with his message. It truly is the “Roman Road” of our generation. How many countries do you get responses from?

  • Mimi

    Hi Gary. I’m Nigerian. I love your writings..they are so on point and encouraging. This is my first visit and i was intending to skim but i’m reading and re-reading older entries. Have you considered podcasting? That would just be so cool!

    • Gary

      Thanks Mimi. I’m so glad to meet you. I haven’t yet done any official podcasting. However, I do have a youtube channel that may interest you in the meantime. Here is a link to get your there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tvRwpsyeLw