What To Do? What To Do?

Life is full of tough decisions.  How should I do this?  What will happen if I do that?  Maybe this way would be the lesser of two evils.  Lord, please show me what to do!  I need clarity!

Clarity or Trust

One day Mother Teresa of Calcutta was talking with a recent visitor from the States.  She asked him if he would like for her to say a prayer for him.  He said, “Yes, please pray that I get clarity on what the Lord wants me to do.”

To that request, Mother Teresa responded that she would not pray such a prayer for her visitor.  “Instead, I will pray that God will help you learn trust.”

Disappointed, the man said, “But, Mother Teresa…you are so clear about everything you do.  That’s all I want so that I can follow the Lord more faithfully!”

“I am seldom clear,” she said.  “I have learned trust.”  She continued, “You want God to make things so clear you don’t have to trust.”

Let’s Get Real About Faith

Many times over the years, I’ve been in that rickety boat.  The one named, “Sincerity.” The craft that seems real, but leaks like a sieve.

The problem….regardless of how honest our opinions are…if the boat is taking on water, it will ultimately sink.  Unless…

…we face ourselves, our situations, and what we think we believe…and allow the Lord to probe us.

His Probing Will Always Encourage Us

It’s totally safe to allow the Lord to search your heart and head.  He will never bring discouragement.  What He reveals will foster hope.  What He corrects will bring courage to “walk on water.”  He will not normally give us the clarity of explaining why we are walking on the water.  He won’t explain how the cellular composition changes under our feet.  But, hope and courage will be there in the face of Jesus.

Faith or Calculated Risk

What we often call steps of faith are – in truth – the result of calculated risk.  You and I have calculated our risk and decided whether or not the steps will lead to a potential of acceptable loss or not.

The God kind of faith came from the lips of Queen Esther in the Old Testament when she said, “If I perish, I perish.”

But…more on that in another post.  For now let me end with this:

Don’t Invest Your Prayer Time In Anything That Will Minimize Your Need To Trust

Instead, ask the Lord where His provision of Grace (His Supply) is in your situation.  Wait long enough to get an answer that doesn’t clearly lay out the details…but that “draws your heart like a magnet.”

Note:  You may not get it in the first day of waiting…or you may.  But, if you keep it before Him daily, the answer will get through.  And, normally, it will light on you like a butterfly.  And, the impression, hunch, perception, or idea (if accompanied by a sense of peace and joy)
will “draw” you like a magnet toward the Lord.

I’d love for you to “weigh in” with your experiences