Encouraging Journey – Episode 6 – Dealing With Closed Doors

(You May Listen To Youtube Audio Below)

I have a question for you:

What are you doing with the closed doors in your life?  How are you responding?  If you spend all of your time mourning the doors that are closed, you may well miss the coming door that opens up.

I was recently visiting a man in the hospital.  There was a lot of renovation taking place in the building.  After the visit, as I was making my way back to the exit to the parking garage, my attention was fixed on what I thought was the only exit.  It was freezing, and windy outside and I didn’t want to spend much time in the frigid conditions.  Staring at the door that had been blocked, I was upset.  Why would the renovation crew block the exit that led directly to the protected parking lot tunnel?!

Suddenly I realized that if I stopped obsessing over the blocked exit, and shifted my attention a few feet to the right, there was actually another exit door…and it was not blocked.  Happily (and feeling a little foolish for my bad frame of mind) I made it to my car all inside the tunnel and out of the freezing wind.

Where is your attention right now?  On the closed door, or on the belief that God is fully capable of opening another door…an even better door.

Don’t be angry over what you may actually be loosing.  Instead, choose to hope in what God will be providing!