What’s The Point? by Gary Ellis

A question is the whole “point” of today’s post.  Next time I’ll go more in depth.


What’s The Point of your Christian faith and life-style?  Is your “point” primarily about maintaining and protecting your position?  Is it about helping other’s maintain and protect their position?  Or, is your “point” something different?

What does your daily lifestyle and attitudes reflect your “point” to be?

I’m not suggesting right or wrong answers.  It’s a question.  Please comment.  If you’re reading this on Facebook, please comment directly to my blog here rather than in the comment section of Facebook.  Thanks.



  • James_one_27

    What is there in my life that will glorify God? Can I do anything that is to His glory and not to show myself anything? Most of my life was lived in termoil and sin, and that was after I got saved in 1978. The point of my life now is to live in surrender to Jesus. In doing this, may others see Jesus when they see me. May the words that I speak be what I heard Jesus say. May the works that I do be what was prepared before hand for me to walk in that they only glorify the Lord. In living this lifestyle, may others see a good lifestyle and want to serve Jesus in their lives too. If unsaved may they want what I have and repent, turning to Jesus. If already saved, may they want to live, walking by faith even more than they already are. Jesus took me back after living in selfishness and sin for 21 years. I can’t do anything to deserve His forgivenness, therefore I only want to serve Him in thanksgiving, repentance and love, walking by faith in Jesus, and not by sight.