What’s Your Default Setting?

By default, babies have a “Mama” or “Dada” setting when “the train jumps the tracks” in their little worlds.  What’s your default setting when life sucks?

My default is, “Abba.” (Daddy).  Abba is the familiar form of “Father” in the Hebrew language.  In fact, “Abba” is what you will most often hear as children address their fathers in many Jewish families, today…especially in Israel.

My default is, “Abba” when the “heat is on”…and it often is… because Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33).  The Apostle Peter said, “My friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through as if something strange is happening to you.” (1 Peter 4:12)

My default is, “Abba” when I’m tempted to think that if I could just find the right answer, I could solve my current perplexity.

My default is, “Abba” when the serpant sizzles in my brain, “You’re just a loser.  This is never going to get any better!”

My default is, “Abba” because that is the same as saying, “No matter what…I trust you!”

My default is, “Abba” when everything reasonable mocks me as I make my way toward the goal of faith through the valley of patience.

In fact, My default setting is, “Abba” in good times and bad.  I don’t waste so much time thinking (worrying) when stuff hits the fan; because I have a default setting.

Like the helpless infant whose eyes are fixed, in dependence, on its strong, loving, capable parent, my eyes are fixed on my “Abba.”

A few years back, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Do everything you can and I’ll do everything you can’t.”  At the time, I thought my side of the equation held the highest percentage…then He’d pick up the final few that were impossible for me.”  Then one day I discovered (and still am discovering) that I can only do justice to about 2% of any issue or project.

Maybe it’s just me…but I think we struggle with that simple thought more than just about anything else in our faith walk.  It’s just too good to be true….that He honestly…truly…for reals…I mean for really reals….wants us to realize He is more than willing and capable of handling the weight!  In fact everybody would be better off – not to mention ourselves – if we’d make a lifestyle of defaulting to, “Abba.” After all isn’t that an image that best pictures what we are called to do…TRUST?

Maybe another way to put it would be, “Get over yourself.”

Another observation I am becoming increasingly convinced of is that, with many, “faith” has become something other than faith and more resembles “works of the law.”

Here’s today’s challenge.  Just for today, default to “Abba…I trust You!”

If you agree, comment.  If you have an a good example from your own experiences, please share!

  • Steve Baker

    This morning it was difficult to get out of bed. I woke up with the distressful thoughts of loneliness and feeling as if there really is no God and life is hopeless. I forced myself to say “Jesus, I need You; Praise the name of Jesus.” It was a struggle to make a pot of coffee, my right arm was swollen again and I wanted a cigarette (and no, I didn’t submit to that). Then I sat down and clicked on my email and this article was waiting for me to read it. As I read it everything started to come together.
    What is my default? I had never thought of it like this before. Several weeks ago I told God that I can not quit smoking. He said He would quit for me. I have not smoked since. A few weeks before that I asked the Lord to heal my arm. It had quit swelling and I could use it as normal. This morning I felt as if it all went away. Now as I am reading and meditating on this writing from Gary I find myself saying once again; in default; “I believe I will–I take my redemption from the curse of the law; I take my healing and deliverance. Now I have that healing and deliverance. I thank You, Jesus, for doing it for me and above all, I forgive everyone and anyone whom comes between me and God, Abba, Father, in receiving this.”
    Thank you, Gary Ellis for hearing from God to write this and for sending it to me. My day is now off to a great start and will finish with victory in Jesus.
    Steve Baker