What’s Your Story?

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You’re writing your story every day on the tablet of your heart’s imagination.  That story has incredible power over what happens in your life!

We Are His Poem

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works…”  The Greek word translated here as workmanship is the same word where we also get the word, poem. We are God’s poem that was birthed in – and out of – the heart of Jesus.  And let me say, “God is a poet beyond description and skill.”

God Doesn’t Write Pulp Fiction

You and I are eloquently written works of art.  And because that’s true, that is the “story” we need to be rehearsing in our minds.  Unfortunately, some of us keep retelling ourselves a version of who we are as if we were a character found in one of the tabloid rags at the grocery story check out line.

Every day we rehearse our story in the theater of our minds.  We replay the tragedies and shameful moments, or the glory and honor of who we were meant to be…as God fashioned us in Christ.

The Story We Tell Ourselves Helps or Hinders

I’ve often expressed the fact that “The Testimony” has incredible power to bring about re enactments of God’s power and grace in our lives.  But there’s a flip side to that.  The power of the story retold inwardly over and over has the ability to cripple your future potential with God…if it’s a habitual retelling of the devil’s authorship.

What story- about you – is continually running in the background of your conscientiousness?  Is it God’s Poem…or a character from a demonic tabloid.

You are God’s Poem.  May His story about you be the character you view…with increasing clarity.  May the power of your testimony work for you and not against you!