When Are Words Not Enough?

right-wordsAs an intelligence and information driven culture, we value the right words above all else.  Frankly, it’s a “power drain” in the Christian church.

The answer to, “When are words not enough?” is “Always.”

The right words are virtually meaningless without actions that demonstrate those words.

The Error of “Right Believing”

Multitudes of Christian folks have fallen into the trap of believing that as long as a person agrees with the correct doctrinal positions, that’s what truly matters to God.  James put it this way, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:17)

Jesus spoke all the right words (of course.)  But, Acts 10:30 says the He went about DOING GOOD and HEALING ALL that were oppressed by the devil.  In today’s vernacular, Jesus “Put His Money Where His Mouth Was.”

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Positive Life Filled Words Are Good

It’s a “must do” to speak words of life to each other.  But, encouraging words – by themselves – are made far more powerful if they are accompanied by confirming, encouraging, actions.

Sometimes the actions are – seemingly – very small…even insignificant to the “doer.”  But, when we have an encouraging word for a person or situation, it’s a win/win when we ask the Holy Spirit to show us an action that will enforce what was just spoken.

The Right Words Can Be Words of Hypocricy

The word hypocrisy means, “play acter.”  It was the word used in days of Greek culture for an Actor or Actress.  They were known as hypocrites.

Even in theater, TV, or movies, an actor can use all the correct words from the script.  However, if their actions aren’t believable then then the role falls flat.  

The analogy only goes so far, because the actor is still acting and not the actual person.  But, you understand the point.

My desire for myself and for other fellow Christian believers is that our believing is true because it’s a demonstration of God’s realities and not just “good words.”

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  • Jean

    The quote “Actions speak louder than words” says it all.