When Discouragement Comes by Gary Ellis

Discouragement, frustration, negative stress all come to every person.  It’s a normal condition of the flesh in a distressed world.  It comes.  But, it doesn’t have to stay!

Encouragement is an action that means to “fill with courage.”  Discouragement means to “rob of courage.”  Jesus made it pretty clear in His words recorded in John 10:10 that He gives and it is the Thief that robs.  King David asked the question in Psalms 42 and 43, “Why are you cast down [discouraged] my soul [the part of you including emotional responses]?

David gave the solution in the same verses.  Jesus instructed about the remedy for normal flesh life in the words of John 15.

David said, “…hope in God.”  Some translations say, “…wait on God.”  They are both accurately expressing aspects of the same Hebrew word which has the idea of fixing one’s eyes patiently in anticipation of His salvation.Jesus said that we are branches and must stay attached to the vine.  In a very real way, both David and Jesus are relating the same truth.

When a person has been robbed by and through circumstances and other people of their courage, it’s actually the action of the Enemy in their minds.  Their gaze has slipped from the Source of Life and the ears of their inner frustrations have begun to give attention to the voice of accusations.

While walking in the flesh, we typically accuse others and ourselves.  It’s a telltale sign of the Enemy’s presence.

As overly simplistic as it sounds, the first and most important thing to do is cause your inner eyes to look directly at Jesus.  The most effective way to do that is a combination of directing your attention to a promise in the Word and gather a list of remembrances of past victories in Him.

(btw…that’s also a root meaning of ‘waiting’ to the Hebrew mind.  The same word is used in Genesis where the waters were “gathered” into their own places)

Then [actually as part the same action] take deep breaths.  Physically and of His Spirit.

The next time (or now) you are robbed of courage, TAKE IT BACK.  Put your eyes where they belong and He will Re-courage you!

One final thought:  The temptation will be to think, “But all of these circumstances are real.  I’m just being realistic.”  Gravity is real.  But Lift is a higher law that overcomes gravity.  We can choose to live by the highest laws.  That’s were we find peace in the storm…like Jesus did.