When Life Sucketh

Things have been going pretty well.  Your relationships have been by-in-large pretty good.  In fact, you feel positive about some fresh new steps in your walk with the Lord. 

Then {squish} eewwww…what was that I just stepped in?

Here’s a factoid…

Even the most powerful positive people have pukey periods in life.

I’ve been there, done that, and bought the silly T-shirt.  It’s common to life for everyone….absolutely everyone.

However, I’ve found one of the simplest responses with the most sure effect was discovered by King David a long time ago.

Psalm 42…especially read in “The Message” (in my opinion anyway) we discover, yet again, David’s roller coaster journey through life.

(Side Note):  Have you ever wondered why God chose the inspired Psalm writings of David to be a great song and prayer book?  Perhaps because David is so human…which encourages people like us in an understanding of real spiritual life?  Hmmm?

You know from the outset of this Psalm, David is clinging to the under belly of his emotions.  At one point early on he exclaims that he was on top of the mountain.

Then the dark side of life happens and David is on his back looking up.

But (and this is what I admire about David) he includes the solution.  In the middle of the emotional swamp, David says

vs. 5:  “Fix my eyes on God.  Soon I will be praising Him again.”

vs. 6: “I rehearse everything I know of You…”

Fix…fasten…superglue my eyes on God.  The truth of His life begins to replace the lies in mine.  But how do I do this “fixing of my eyes?”

Answer:  Verse 6:  “I rehearse everything I know of You.”   That’s how David learned to encourage himself in the Lord.  That’s the literal idea of what it means to rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice.

To rejoice isn’t simply another word for praise.  It means to re-joy oneself by rehearsing God’s previous acts of love, power, and kindness in one’s personal history.

Temptation and trial is common to life on planet earth.  Life will be very good (because of God’s goodness).  But, it will also occasionally suck BIG rocks.  In those time take David’s prescription (rewind to verses 5, 6)



  • Anonymous

    Gary your adjectives slay me.
    “re-joy oneself”.
    I’m so stealing that.

    • Gary

      You go ahead gurl…steal away! 🙂