When To Repeat What You Know About Someone or Something

woman-whispering-man-earThere are appropriate times to repeat what you know about someone or something.  Here are the guidelines:

You can share information if it meets these three criterion:
1.  The information is the truth.
2.  It is shared without malice.
3.  The person you are telling has a legitimate need to know.

Let’s briefly break that down a bit:

  1. Is it the truth?

Truth from God’s definition (the only one worth considering) is not “accurate information.”  Truth to God is the uncovering of His ultimate purpose.  It leads us to the hope filled conclusions found in His plans and His delights.

2.  Is it shared without malice?

One of the best measuring sticks I’ve discovered is the question, “Does this information make me look good, wise, or spiritual in comparison to the other person?”  Malice is more than “doing intentional harm.”

3.  Does the person you are telling have a legitimate need to know?

Legitimate.  That gets to be a tricky one.  Ask yourself the question, “Is this person affected by what you are telling them?” – or – “Are they in a position to do anything positive to solve the issue?”

It really boils down to the question of how the information is causing the person to be viewed by whom you’re telling.

And, please…please…please…

Don’t use the, “I just need to to pray gambit.”  That is typically not legitimate for most people who say it.

These three steps will save a great deal of great potential for pain.  To the person and to yourself.  Did you realize that you minimize yourself in the eyes of the person you’re telling.  Why?

Because they will begin to wonder what you may be saying about them when they aren’t around.

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