When We Need More Grace


When many people read the title of this article, they will assume it’s about the “sin places” in our lives.  Of course, it does apply to that kind of focus, but my point today is aimed at all of us that hit dry, seemingly non productive patches.  Especially if the “patch” seems more like the size of the whole shirt and not just a small repair.

It is oh so common, at these “patch” times, to become more works/earn/self effort oriented in our approach to “the solution.”  What we actually need is embrace more personal grace.  Here are questions that reveal the voice of self demand:

  1. What am I doing wrong?
  2. What should I be doing better?
  3. What is God saying that I’m not hearing?
  4. Am I pleasing God?

We begin to obsess on “pleasing God.”  Wow!!!  Did I just say that out loud?  Is it really possible to have too strong of desires to please the Lord?

You betcha!

Any time we strive to please Him with the accompanying thoughts of “getting it right” so that our circumstances have a better change of changing…that’s bad mojo, baby.  Plain and simple, that is the path of performing to earn something.  That’s no longer grace.

We don’t please God to “pay Him back,” either.  You nor I could ever perform enough good to outweigh the weight and cost of sin.  Besides the fact…believe it or not…that’s an insult to  His finishing the work of the cross “as us.”

When we do what we do to “earn” or “pay back” it’s no longer a free gift.  Now, here’s where the “R” card is often played.  R = my Responsibility.  But here’s the thing.  True grace doesn’t make us into lazy non-responsible people.  It makes us able-to-respond.  Ie:  Response Able.

During the “patch times” we need all the faith we can get, as it were.  Therefore, since we are “saved” (not the going to heaven after our last heartbeat kind) by grace through faith, we need liberal grace realities soaking our brains or the faith will be derailed.

Troublesome Time

In the United States (and Western influenced societies) we have phrases like “time is of the essence.”  We are a fast fast, hurry hurry, people.  That seeps into our mentality of how things are done…and…how we think God does things.  Or, how we think He realizes we know how things must be done.  Like, “You know this has to be done yesterday, Lord.  So, my faith is counting on You to keep my time schedule.”

The more I’ve been reading the scriptures lately, the more I’ve noticed that things seem to “take forever” on God’s watch.  You may be tempted to say that it’s because it was a much slower society technologically, etc.  But…in many ways, that’s our curse.  Not our blessing.

The important thing is…God was ALWAYS faithful to His Word!  He still is! 

So, do your dusty best!  “…or he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.”  I didn’t say that.  David did in Psalm 103:14.  The Holy Spirit also penned these words through Paul to his disciple, Timothy: “When we are faithless, He remains faithful.” [2 Timothy 2:13].

My point isn’t to encourage a ‘Que Sera, Sera’ (What will be, will be) attitude.  But, that’s not the weakness of most sincere people.  We need to realize we can embrace extravagant grace as God solution to our “dry patches.”  

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