When Will Things Be Good? by Gary Ellis

When will the things I’m hoping, praying, and standing in faith for finally be good?  Is it about to happen in the now?  Or…will it be served up with another big helping of “later?”

The short answer is found in James 1:4, “…when patience has had her perfect work you will be complete lacking nothing.”

The work of patience is highly under rated and under appreciated!  Without the circumstances (that are too often cheaply blamed on the devil), you and I will always keep riding an emotional roller coaster.

Patience and long suffering are key ingredients in the lives of those who want more out of life than “nice Christianity.”  

The efforts of faith that actually matter that much takes persistence.  Only the things of great value are behind thick walls of resistance.  Those things that come easily are normally of little significance in the grander scheme of things.

Using a culinary example:  Meat that falls easily off the bone has endured the heat of the pressure cooker.

In the early years I would read the words of James, “Consider it all joy when beset by various trials” and I would think, “How in the world is that possible?”  But now, I pass on my discovery:  Trials are absolutely necessary.  Without them you don’t need patience.  Without patience you’ll never taste the finer wine of the Spirit.

Btw…patience by Greek definitions means: “The sense of standing completely in control under pressure.”

Patience is an outworked fruit of the Spirit.  The flesh will never walk in patience.  It will tempt you as far away from patience as possible.  The flesh, by it’s very nature, is impatient. It has trained us over the years to be impatient. 

That being said, the only way we experience the fruit of patience is NOT by “trying real hard.”  The only way to experience patience is to be diligent to enter His rest.

If you’re experiencing discouraging circumstances, manage your thoughts.  That, in turn, will manage your emotions.  Rejoice!  You’re one step closer to lacking nothing (worthwhile, anway).




  • Deborah

    Gary~ I needed to hear this today. Thanks for sharing.

    • Gary

      You’re welcome.