When You Feel Like a Mess

90830d4d416563a3ed597771a3093caaI was taking a shower and thinking about some things that I had repented of and repeated over and over again ad naeseam.

Although I battle temptations and sins like every human being, I am referring more to my lack of consistency, procrastination, and follow through on things that are very important.

Discouraged with myself, I said, “Lord, I’m such a mess.”  Immediately I sensed the response in the middle of my chest, “But, you’re My mess.”  The words seemed to be coated in a warm layer of Fatherly love that caused my self disdain to melt away.

I listened to my heart to see if I sensed anything else He wanted me to know.  There wasn’t anything other than the idea that those five simple words of grace were enough.  I simply needed to accept them and be encouraged.  He said, “But, you’re My mess.”  He was identifying me as his own.  That is an endlessly profound revelation…if you take the time and pursue it.

What would it mean to you if you heard the most powerful, resourceful, wisest, richest, loving, and caring man on earth say to those around, “He/She’s My Son/Daughter?

Do you know Whose you are?  Have you ever really contemplated that?

Perhaps you would be better off to stop in your pursuit of doctrinal, theological accuracy and started focusing on what it means…really means to be God’s own child.

Ya know…My wife and I were just discussing this the other day.  We concluded that it was good to believe correct doctrine, but it was better to major on the majors and minor on the actual minors.  In so doing, let God sort out all your messed up theology.  (Because, you and I most likely have some…or a lot.)

But, you’re My mess!