“Where You’re Born Matters” by Gary Ellis

What matters about your birth and my birth is not so much which “side of the tracks” we were born on,  but in which tree.

Which tree?  As in monkeys and stuff?!

No.  Which tree as in families and stuff.

Our family of origin is ultimately important to our destiny.  It’s true.  Along with that statement comes it’s twin truth:

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that counts.”

What I’m referring to in today’s blog post is about spirit level issues.  Material level shadows can be seen reflecting throughout life in a variety of ways.  But, the heart of the matter deals with “the hidden man of the heart.”

We live in a culture (perhaps a world) where one’s behavior is the root issue of life.  But, according to the Scriptures, the fountain of life is about blood not behavior.  The most important issue is one’s bloodline.

In the evangelical church the emphasis of being born again has been about being forgiven of our sins.  To become born again is like being given a divine mulligan…a do over.  The slate is wiped clean by the blood.

On one hand, that’s good.  That’s accurate as far as it goes…but the born again reality goes much further.  It’s much more significant.

To be born again doesn’t simply mean your slate is wiped clean so you can start over.  Being born again means that the old “human slate” was thrown away.  It means He gave you a brand new slate.  One of His upon which to begin writing your life.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.  Old things are passed away.  All things are become new.”

To be born again means that, through believing in Jesus, a person is re-born and placed into a completely new blood line of people.  The born again person is now from the “race of grace.”  He or she is literally from the Favor-ite Clan.  In Jesus we become…




  • Jonathan and I enjoyed the pictures painted with this article. The image of a “divine mulligan” for even the casual golfer is a wonderful reminder of the beauty and power of the New Life in Jesus and the power of His blood. We are so thankful for the slate that we have now, God and we writing out the resume of our days on earth as they are in Heaven’s design.
    I posted this for our friends to read on FB.
    Thanks for the great images you communicated thus making a joyful image of what clan of “ites” we are!