Where’s The Battle? by Gary Ellis

A faithful truth for the Christian is this:  We no longer come to God for victory but we walk with Him from victory (because of what Jesus already did on our behalf).  However…

If that’s true…

In the matter of sins, why does it seem like I’m too often battling my sins?

Many people struggle with what looks illogical about the whole issue of having or not having a sin nature once they receive new life in Christ.  It seems so illogical.  How can we not have a sin nature if we still find ourselves sinning?

It’s a matter of choice, not nature.  When Adam and Eve originally disobeyed God, did they have a sin nature? 

No.  Not until after the disobedience was committed.  What they had was the power of choice.  Adam and Eve made a choice. You and I can still choose to commit sins without having the nature of sin within us.

Thank God the work of Jesus (the second Adam of Romans 5) was a completed, finished, finalized work and gift of grace.

So, where’s the battle?

The battle is with the reverberating echo of the flesh that assails our thoughts and tempts us into hypocritical actions.

But, that’s not our battle either!  First of all, whenever we try to accomplish anything on our own disconnected from the power source of our spirit, then we’re up a creek with a broken pencil for a paddle.

Battling with and undoing the years of flesh habit patterns in our lives isn’t something the Lord expects to be our sole responsibility.

Galatians 5 says that the flesh issue is also a spirit level battle. 

Here’s our part:

  1. Arm ourselves with New Covenant truth and grace
  2. Praise Him that, because of Jesus, the sin nature is a non-issue
  3. Stop battling the flesh.  Instead fix your eyes on Jesus as your strong right arm and choose to rest in that.

Our part is striving to enter His rest.  Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron?  Striving here means:  Be diligent, take seriously. 

Be encouraged my brother and sister.  You’re too awesome to act and talk like the flesh is trying to insist.  His power and victory is too awesome for you to try and “go it alone.”   Not your job!