Where’s The Beauty?

‘Everything has beauty’
‘Everything is beautiful’

Those are very different statements.  It’s true that everything has beauty, but not everything is beautiful.  Realizing the difference can have a huge impact on the way we perceive life.

In a broken world, there are many flaws and great dysfunction all around us.  As the saying goes, “It’s not hard to find dirt on the mountain.  It takes a different set of eyes to see the gold.”

The appearance of beauty brings with it feelings of joy, peace, hope, and many other positive mood enhancements.  Finding beauty makes us feel good…positive!

Back to the original statement, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.”  The question, therefore, poses itself when the appearance of beauty alludes our daily experience, “Where’s the beauty?”

To find the answer, another question has to be asked, “What are we looking for?”  Simply put, people typically find what we are determined to see.

If you (or I) desire to see more beauty in our lives, then we must look for it.  Not by looking outside of our circumstances, but by focusing, with spiritual eyes, within that which surrounds us.

Instead of looking – longingly or judgingly – over there somewhere, we discover the beauty when we ‘keep our eyes at home’ inside the reality of our own lives.

Believe it or not, a Believer has a set of eyes that can help them ferret-out the beauty in nearly everyone and everything…if they want to see it.

Funny (although maybe not so funny) is the fact that whatever a person believes they are going to find, is what they will see.  Our perceptions are governed by what our heart has determined it is going to believe.

As the song says, Lord, open my eyes that I can see glimpses of truth you have for me.’

Realize that the quality of you life can dramatically improve!  The master key to unlock your ‘beauty door’ is labeled, “Thought Choice.”

Everything is not beautiful, but everything has beauty to be found.  If you and I are committed to seeing it, God will supply the light!